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News | 21. May 2003 10:24
C++, Flash and HTML
Well over the last weeks I have been programming in c++, making some animations in Flash and working on a website for your Viking group. Not much more to say, still looking for a job...

Enemy Mime has been downloaded iver 1020 times so far!

News | 30. January 2003 12:41
The Adventures of Guiseppe and Mr. Fez on IGF
Check out http://igf.com/ where our(Scott, Eric, Paul and me) game is among the finalists for the IGF student showcase 2003

I would like to thank Bruce Snow (Most of the 2D art) and Throstur Bragason (3D character models) for their excellent work they produced for us. Expecially when they had to finish all their school projects at the same time!

News | 3. January 2003 16:04
Pixelfunction Turnpike
I just received an email from Kazan, informing me about the Pixelfunction Turnpike. Which is a network of Intermediate to high-level indy projects from around the world.

Go check it out by clicking the banner on the left ;)

News | 3. January 2003 12:03
Happy new year
I migth be a bit late with this, but I wanted to wish you all a happy new year ;)

News | 13. December 2002 13:25
ExNihilo 3D Engine
I just received an email from Hermanns Cris, the main developer of the ExNihilho Engine.

ExNihilo is a c++ open source 3D engine which works both under Linux and Windows.
It uses OpenGL for rendering.
The beta 0.3 for windows will be available on December 12th, 2002.
I invite you to take a tour to on our web site (http://www.ploksoftware.org) and post your comment on the forum.

I have also added a link here on the left side to this project.

News | 13. December 2002 13:23
Lord of the rings: Two towers
We sent and saw the second part of this masterpiece yesterday (december 12th) and I must say it was most excellent ;)

News | 21. November 2002 16:07
How do you like Iceland?

News | 30. October 2002 11:29
Final Project is in

News | 10. October 2002 23:54
Sigurđur Ómarsson Game Designer

News | 3. October 2002 18:34

News | 23. September 2002 22:35
Showcase Update

News | 20. September 2002 20:27

News | 7. September 2002 20:06
Adventures of Giuseppe and Mr. Fez: Enemy Mime

News | 6. September 2002 19:56
Projects and Adv. of Giuseppe and Mr. Fez

News | 28. August 2002 03:33
Camera Demo

News | 25. August 2002 22:31
Showcase update

News | 24. August 2002 22:25
Material for the Showcase

News | 21. August 2002 21:33
English version coming up...

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